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Truska Insurance and our mission

Our mission is to connect our clients to the insurance products they need through a seamless, transparent shopping experience where carriers compete to provide them with the right coverage at the right premium.



Robert Truska, CLCS, SBCS

Founder | Broker

I'm the founder of Truska Insurance Agency. Founded in 2016, I have built Truska Insurance into one of the most innovative, service-oriented groups in Chicago. The highly personalized boutique feel of the agency focuses on property and casualty insurance for small businesses and families. My commitment and long-standing industry relationships have made me a relentless and successful advocate for my clients. Recognized as a strong negotiator, I employ a straightforward style and passionate approach to achieving client goals and representing their interests to insurance carriers. I am a lifelong Chicagoan, a runner, a golfer, an outdoor adventurer, and a father.

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