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High Value Insurance

Your home & auto are important to you. That's why we designed  products that provides more insurance coverage, is easier to understand, and contains customizable options—so you only pay for what you need.

High Value Insurance Packages: Home, Auto, Watercraft, Collections, Umbrella

We partner with the best specialty insurers in the nation to protect your home and your assets and can customize coverage to address the unique risks of your household. Leading insurers like NatGen Premier, Chubb, AIG, and PURE provide you with higher coverage limits and custom-tailored coverage options that fit your distinctive lifestyle.

Guaranteed Replacment Cost

Our policies rebuilds the current state of the home using the same type of materials even if it exceeds the policy's limits.

Flexable Coverage Options

We provide the ability to tailor Other Structures, Personal Property, and Loss of Use coverages to exactly meet your needs, which can include removing coverages altogether or increasing coverage limits.

Enhanced Contents Coverage

Getting enough insurance for possessions is often of special concern for our clients, which are filled with expensive personal items.  Our contracts offer “All risks” coverage for contents meaning anything not specifically excluded, such as flood or earthquakes.  All our policies offer “replacement cost” coverage. Replacement cost reimburses you for new items to replace the damaged ones—without depreciated value.  You replace your items with the same like kind and quality.

Water Back up Endorement

This optional endorsement covers damage caused by water entering the home through a sewer or drain inside the residence premises, or resulting from a backed-up drain or sump pump located within the building on the residence premises. This coverage does not extend to flood or water losses due to rainfall or wind.

Water Seepage Endorement

We can endorese your policy to include $20,000 coverage for water seepage damage. This covers deterioration or rot of covered property caused by constant or repeated seepage, water leakage or steam from within plumbing, heating or cooling systems.

Roof and Siding Match Endoresment

If you have a partial loss, and your siding or shingles are no longer made, and the materials can't be matched, they will cover the cost to replace your entire roof or redo your siding.

Equiptment Breakdown Coverage Endoresment

This additional coverage option replaces or restores home appliances (e.g. stove, refrigerator, washer / dryer) from loss due to mechanical or electrical breakdown. It does not cover defects or general wear and tear.

Personal Cyber Endorement

We offer additional coverage for potential losses or damages caused by digital activities. This includes coverage for: identity theft, credit fraud or forgery, cyber crimes, cyber extortion, and more.

Enhanced Liability Coverage

Generous liability coverage is important to anyone with significant assets because you have a lot to potentially lose in a lawsuit. You can also be an attractive target for lawsuits.

Under Construction Endorement

This endorsement provides an extension of Coverage C - Personal Property for theft of materials and supplies for use in construction until the dwelling renovation is finished and occupied.

If you are interested in protecting your assets and legacy with exceptional coverage, peace of mind with extraordinary claims handling reach out to one of our high value brokers today.

3 Risks Of Relying on Your Homeowner Insurance for Jewelry Coverage


Homeowner Insurance may not provide enough coverage that is accidently lost or damaged including worldwide travel.


A typical home policy may have a deductible of $500 and may only cover up to $1,500 for certin types of losses.


Filing a jewelry claim could raise the premium or, in some cases, cancel/non-renew your entire homeowner policy.

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It never hurts to shop. With our vast network of companies, we can typically save our clients hundreds of dollars when switching their insurance to us.

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