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Business Insurance


Please take the time to review the questions below to determine if you have had any changes to your business, that could impact your insurance.  This questionnaire will help us close any coverage gaps.

Has the name of your buisness changed or have you added a DBA?
Any changes to business operations, such as added a new product/service?
Has you buisness changed officers, partners?
Have you purchased any new property (e.g., computers, tools, equipment, autos, etc.)?
Have you made improvements or changes to your existing location(s)?
Have you moved your business location(s)?
Have there been any changes in your staffing?
Do seek certificates of insurance, naming you as addtional insured, from all parties working on your premisis?
Have there been any changes in Loss Payees (e.g., banks or finance companies holding interest in your business personal property such as equipment, vehicles, computers, etc.)?
Would you like meet to discuss your renewal?
Would you like a home or auto quote?
Would you like a life insurance quote?
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