It's kind of humbling when our clients refer friends and family to us. It's an honor and a responsibility that we take seriously and value tremendously.


Every referral reinforces our decision to start this company; as a company, we are focused on creating relationships, not busting quotas. Our focus on relationships includes caring for the greater community and we knew from day one that supporting the not-for-profit agencies that help hold our community members up in the most difficult times would be a priority.


Your referrals mean the world to us...and to your community.

We developed our Referral Program as a way to say thank you to our loyal clients for referrals and to create a consistent means of giving to local charities. For every referral we receive from you in a given quarter of the year, we contribute $10 to Center For Independence Through Conductive Education Inc.  We'll also send you a $10 gift card--or, if you tell us you'd like to donate your $10 referral card--we'll match it and make the total donation to our quarterly charity $20!

In addition, for every referral you send our way, we add your name into our annual drawing--the winner of which receives $250!


Referral Thank You