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Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance is a form of business liability insurance that covers your small business against claims of mistakes in professional services, even if the claim has no merit.

What Is Professional Liability?

Management and Professional Liability insurance refers to the suite of products that Truska Insurance offers to help protect organizations from the risks of operating in this litigious society.   Regardless of whether your company was at fault, these risks can come from customers, who perceive that you made a mistake that caused them financial loss or reputational harm, or from employees, who could claim that they were treated unfairly.​CyberRisk InsuranceCyberRisk insurance is designed to cover the costs associated with a cyber event or a security breach, including costs for forensic investigations, legal expenses and regulatory defense expenses, and fines.Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability InsuranceD&O Liability insurance helps cover defense costs, awards, and settlements arising out of an actual or alleged wrongful act, including lawsuits brought against an organization’s board of directors and/or officers.Employment Practices Liability InsuranceThis liability insurance covers defense costs and damages related to employment-related claims, including allegations of wrongful termination, discrimination, workplace harassment, and retaliation.ERISA Fidelity InsuranceThis insurance covers an employee benefit plan against losses caused by acts of fraud or dishonesty, such as theft, embezzlement, or forgery.Errors & Omissions (E&O) InsuranceE&O insurance protects businesses and individuals against allegations of inadequate work or negligent actions.Fidelity and Crime InsuranceThis coverage protects against losses due to employee dishonesty, credit card forgery, computer fraud and theft, and the disappearance or destruction of property.Fiduciary Liability InsuranceThis liability insurance covers breaches for those involved in the management of a company-sponsored employee retirement or health plan.​This coverage is designed to protect against the actions of dishonest employees, protecting a financial institution’s balance sheet, assets, and stakeholders’ investments.Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement InsuranceThis coverage provides for the financial and time-related costs you, your employees, or members may incur when someone uses stolen personal information to commit a crime or fraud in your/their name.Kidnap & Ransom InsuranceThis insurance typically covers payments to kidnappers or extortionists, loss of ransom in transit, and other expenses incurred as a result of a kidnapping.Nonprofit Directors & Officers Liability InsuranceThis coverage can help protect a nonprofit organization’s mission and vision when allegations of wrongful acts are brought against the organization and its directors and officers.Professional Liability Insurance for Financial InstitutionsThis coverage protects all types of financial institutions and their directors, officers, and employees from claims relating to the rendering of professional services.

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