Did you know that water damage is more like to occur than fire and theft combined?

Your home is your biggest investment, and the last thing you need is a catastrophic water leak that could cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage and displace you from your home for weeks or even months.

There is now smart technology available that leans your usage and identify leaks anywhere in your home, no matter how small, even behind walls. Once a leak is detected your water is shut down instantly, and you are immediately notified on your smartphone.

Water damage facts:

  • 5X more likely than theft

  • 6X more likely than fire

  • 40% of homeowner suffer water damage

  • 17 gallons are lost due to leaks every day in a typical home

With remote access to your home’s plumbing system and real-time data through a monitoring device, water detection does more than your average leak detector. For less than your annual deductible, this technology is available to you.

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