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General Liability Insurance

Putting Our Industry Experience
To Work For You.

We’re insurance experts. But we also have extensive experience across a wide variety of other industries with some of the most respected brands in the country. We bring a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives to each of our clients, regardless of the size of their organization, their insurance needs, or their industry vertical. And while every industry is different, we consistently deliver the same thing every time—an exceptional customer experience based on trust.

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What is General Liability Insurance?

 Commercial general liability insurance protects your business in the event that someone makes a claim against it for bodily harm or property damage. On a daily basis, your company touches the lives of many people, including contractors, clients, customers, and the general public. And, at any given point, one or several of these people could claim that your business has caused them bodily injury or property damage and initiate legal recourse. Truska Insurance helps you prepare and protect against these types of risks with our wide range of general and business liability insurance solutions. 

What's Does it Cover?

Commercial general liability business insurance covers a variety of claims for damages that can result from:

  • Injuries that happen on your property, such as those from slips or falls

  • Bodily injury or property damage to a third party caused by your work, products, or your employees' activities

  • Liability of others assumed in specifically defined contracts

  • Libel, slander, or business disparagement

  • Copyright infringement in your advertisement

As a small business owner, you run the risk of a person or another business claiming you, your product or your employees caused them injury or damage and initiating a lawsuit for damages. Without commercial general liability insurance, you would be liable to pay those expenses with your own business or personal assets. 

Other reasons why small businesses need commercial general liability insurance include:

  • Contractual requirements: Many contracts you sign for projects or work will require proof of commercial general liability insurance.

  • Lease agreements: If you rent your office space, your landlord may require you to have business liability insurance. 

  • Accreditation: If your business is certified or accredited by a professional organization, that organization may require you to keep your general liability coverage current for licensure.

  • Permitting: Many states or municipalities require proof of general liability insurance before providing your business permit.

Our Liability Partners

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