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Image by Edgar Chaparro

Truska Insurance

Personal Articles

Jewelry and valuable items insurance can cover your favorite items, from jewelry to collectibles, sporting equipment, electronics, and more – including engagement rings and wedding rings – if they are stolen or damaged in a covered event. A typical homeowners insurance policy without a Personal Articles Floater may not be enough. 

What's Covered Under Your Personal Articles Policy?

Insure it.  Wear it.

Don't let the fear of losing your jewelry be greater than the joy of wearing it.  A policy Truska Insurance covers almost every imaginable risk life may throw at your jewelry.  

What's Covered under your PAF policy

  • Accidental Loss

  • Theft

  • Disappearance

  • Worldwide Travel

  • Protection from Natural Disasters

  • Zero Dollar Deductible

Protecting your valuables from loss may be an affordable option depending on your needs. Whether you just need coverage for one jewelry item or want insurance for multiple valuables, We offer options. You can add on and choose the coverage that fits your needs.

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