COVID-19 - Relief

Here to Help

Truska Insurance Agency is actively monitoring developments related to COVID-19 and adapting our practices to support the needs of our customers. We are equipped with the technology to work remotely and from home, ensuring minimal disruption to operations and providing the service and support you need during this time.  We have a business plan in place to ensure exceptional, uninterrupted service while maintaining the safety of everyone involved.

What are insurance companies doing to help?

All of the insurance companies that we are proud to represent understand the pandemic affects so many aspects of day-to-day life, including the time spent on the road.  Since people are driving less, they are having fewer accidents and all have instituted a payback or relief plan.  Some of the companies are offering a flat rate and others are offering a 15% refund on April and May auto insurance premiums. 

How will I get my payment?

If your policy is currently paid in full, you will receive a credit based on your last payment method.


  • If you paid by credit card, the company will apply a credit back to the same card

  • If you paid by EFT, they will credit the same account

  • If you paid by check, they will mail you a check for the amount of the credit

If you currently have a balance due, we’ll credit your account so that it reduces your next premium payment.


What if I am trouble paying my bill?

Insurance companies will waive late-payment fees and cancellations for non-payment until May 31 for all auto and

home customers who are experiencing financial hardship.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties please let us know and we will work with the insurance company on a case-by-case basis during this challenging time. 


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If you have any questions about the COVID-19, Please contact us we are happy to help.


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