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Business Income Insurance

Putting Our Industry Experience
To Work For You.

We’re insurance experts. But we also have extensive experience across a wide variety of other industries with some of the most respected brands in the country. We bring a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives to each of our clients, regardless of the size of their organization, their insurance needs, or their industry vertical. And while every industry is different, we consistently deliver the same thing every time—an exceptional customer experience based on trust.

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What Is Business Income Insurance Coverage?

Business income insurance coverage is a type of business income that helps your company replace lost income if it’s unable to operate due to covered property damage.


Business income insurance acts as business interruption insurance or income protection insurance. For example, if your business is unable to operate and generate revenue due to fire damage, this insurance helps cover your lost income until you can reopen again. This can help you continue to pay your operating expenses, like payroll and monthly bills.


What Does a Business Income Policy Cover?

Your business interruption coverage pays for your loss of income while you’re recovering from a covered cause of loss. Some costs that business income insurance can help pay for include:


  • Mortgage and rent payments

  • Employee’s wages and payroll

  • Loss of income during the period of restoration

  • Loan payments

  • Tax payments

Restoration Period

The restoration period for business income insurance begins when your business is physically damaged and you need to shut down. It ends when your property is repaired and ready to reopen. Our standard business income coverage has a zero-hour waiting period, which means coverage goes into effect when there’s a loss.

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